Deportation......"We can do it"

Deportation......"We can do it"
I love myself.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Friday, November 30, 2007

Lou Dobbs wins 2007 Biggest Waste of Sperm Award

Los Angeles, Ca - The illegal immigrant coalition at their annual convention today awarded TV's Lou Dobbs the coveted 2007 Biggest Waste of Sperm award. The award which usually goes to a politician is annually given to a person who stood out in his opposition to a pathway for citizenship to the over 12 million illegal immigrants. The convention which gathers once a year saw twice as many immigrants voting this year due to recent failed attempts at securing the border. "It's good to see so many people come out to convention and vote", said convention organizer and famous former boxer Jorge Paiez. " I voted for Lou because he smells like tuna and always says bad thing about immigrants." said Fay Li a Chinese immigrant from the Philippines.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Congress failure of immigration reform. Who's to blame?

Bitter old white people.

Surprised? Look at the makeup of the US 110th congress. The average age of a US congressman is 60. Whites make up 84% of the house while in the Senate they have an overwhelming majority at 94%. So when I hear Lou Dobbs complaining about those "idiots up on the hill" and "their failure to stop illegal immigration" I kind of chuckle and think to myself: here is an angry old bitter white dude complaining about a bunch of old disagreeable white congressman, led by a old white not very articulate president, all the while being watched and idolized by millions of old cranky retired white babyboomers. I'm afraid that as long as the people who run our federal government, the media that reports on them, and the people that elect them consist mainly of crusty old white people will never have a solution for our new generation of immigrants and the generations to come. Oh well, thank god they won't live forever.

Lou Dobbs aims to destroy independent movement in order to get conservative elected.

Which of these 3 men is an imposter?

Lou Dobbs new strategy to get so called "illegal immigrants" deported back to their countries of origin is to infiltrate and destroy the independent movement. The independent movement has recently been getting support from fanatical supporters of TV personality Lou Dobbs, but this support come at the peril of it's very existence. In a strategy created by Dobbs's celebrity agent to get ratings, Lou has been asking viewers to tear up their voter registrations cards and join the independent movement. This has resulted in a barrage of e-mails from viewers encouraging Dobbs to run as the independent presidential nominee just as his agent had planned. Lou Dobbs who for years an open conservative, big business republican has tricked people into thinking he is the hero of the middle class. Although Dobbs admits he isn't interested in running for president, (because he would hate to give up his fat CNN paycheck) he believes there is a chance to jump in the race if the republican candidate elect turns out to be Tom Tancredo. He believes Tancredo's support of deporting all "illegal immigrants" is the best course for the nation. Dobbs believes that if he were to jump in late, he would take enough votes away from the democratic candidate thereby getting get Tom elected. When we asked Tancredo if Dobbs subversive strategy would work he responded by saying, "Lou Dobbs is an idiot!".

Friday, November 16, 2007

One of Ronald Reagan's great acomplishments: Amnesty 86

Ronald Reagan (R.I.P., May God Bless his Soul) a man of great faith was the last President to grant amnesty to undocumented workers in the USA. Although, you won't hear that mentioned very much by Lou Dobbs. He hardly ever mentions Ronald Reagan, however you will hear him use the word amnesty quite frequently. In fact it is the most often used word on his show other than "a", "the", and "it". But what really is amnesty? In the times of Jesus it was known as mercy. If you read the bible you will see Jesus was very much in favor of mercy. If you listen to Lou Dobbs you will see Dobbs is very much against it. A truly great american, Abraham Lincoln on the subject of mercy once said, "I have always found that mercy bears richer fruits than strict justice."

So what do you think the undocumented deserve for running across our border, mercy or justice?
But before you answer that question ask yourself.... what would Reagan, Jesus and Lincoln do?

War on the middle class is an insult to anyone who actually has been to War.

Lou Dobbs nightly slogan to rally his radical fanatics "The War on the Middle Class" is a fine piece of rhetoric, but to those who have actually been to war it's kind of insulting throwing that word around so loosely. The word "war" represents , your buddy being blown away next to you, having to kill a complete stranger or be killed yourself, courage to stand and shoot while incoming rounds are headed for your grill, running through a minefield under fire to drag a fallen brother to safety. When did it become OK to describe war as a tax increase, having a low wage job, or immigrants coming to the USA. Lou Dobbs should not use "war" to complain about these issues, especially since he has never been.