Deportation......"We can do it"

Deportation......"We can do it"
I love myself.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Congress failure of immigration reform. Who's to blame?

Bitter old white people.

Surprised? Look at the makeup of the US 110th congress. The average age of a US congressman is 60. Whites make up 84% of the house while in the Senate they have an overwhelming majority at 94%. So when I hear Lou Dobbs complaining about those "idiots up on the hill" and "their failure to stop illegal immigration" I kind of chuckle and think to myself: here is an angry old bitter white dude complaining about a bunch of old disagreeable white congressman, led by a old white not very articulate president, all the while being watched and idolized by millions of old cranky retired white babyboomers. I'm afraid that as long as the people who run our federal government, the media that reports on them, and the people that elect them consist mainly of crusty old white people will never have a solution for our new generation of immigrants and the generations to come. Oh well, thank god they won't live forever.

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