Deportation......"We can do it"

Deportation......"We can do it"
I love myself.

Friday, November 16, 2007

War on the middle class is an insult to anyone who actually has been to War.

Lou Dobbs nightly slogan to rally his radical fanatics "The War on the Middle Class" is a fine piece of rhetoric, but to those who have actually been to war it's kind of insulting throwing that word around so loosely. The word "war" represents , your buddy being blown away next to you, having to kill a complete stranger or be killed yourself, courage to stand and shoot while incoming rounds are headed for your grill, running through a minefield under fire to drag a fallen brother to safety. When did it become OK to describe war as a tax increase, having a low wage job, or immigrants coming to the USA. Lou Dobbs should not use "war" to complain about these issues, especially since he has never been.

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