Deportation......"We can do it"

Deportation......"We can do it"
I love myself.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Lou Dobbs aims to destroy independent movement in order to get conservative elected.

Which of these 3 men is an imposter?

Lou Dobbs new strategy to get so called "illegal immigrants" deported back to their countries of origin is to infiltrate and destroy the independent movement. The independent movement has recently been getting support from fanatical supporters of TV personality Lou Dobbs, but this support come at the peril of it's very existence. In a strategy created by Dobbs's celebrity agent to get ratings, Lou has been asking viewers to tear up their voter registrations cards and join the independent movement. This has resulted in a barrage of e-mails from viewers encouraging Dobbs to run as the independent presidential nominee just as his agent had planned. Lou Dobbs who for years an open conservative, big business republican has tricked people into thinking he is the hero of the middle class. Although Dobbs admits he isn't interested in running for president, (because he would hate to give up his fat CNN paycheck) he believes there is a chance to jump in the race if the republican candidate elect turns out to be Tom Tancredo. He believes Tancredo's support of deporting all "illegal immigrants" is the best course for the nation. Dobbs believes that if he were to jump in late, he would take enough votes away from the democratic candidate thereby getting get Tom elected. When we asked Tancredo if Dobbs subversive strategy would work he responded by saying, "Lou Dobbs is an idiot!".


N. Hanks said...

John Q: While I sympathize with where you're coming from, why be anti-Lou Dobbs when you can be pro-independent? You don't HAVE to work for The Man! I think it's up to ordinary people to re-direct the course of our country. Please check out The Hankster!

John Q American said...

I'm both. Being anti dobbs and pro independent is not a contradiction. Hankster rocks! Keep up the good work.